Floor- How to do a Roundoff

A Round off is a very important skill in gymnastics. You need it to do many other skills like back handsprings. Round offs are hard to learn but if you stay consistent and never give up you will get it.

Step 1: Start with a run and hurdle with a straight leg. Practice this consistently until your hurdle is powerful.

Step 2: After the hurdle you will put your hands down just like in a cartwheel and have your back leg come up behind you and your other leg will follow. After that snap down your legs quickly and if you’ve done it right your body will naturally rebound.

Step 3: During your rebound, bounce through your toes and keep your body tight. Then keep practicing. You won’t get it on your first try.

how to do a roundoff

Here are some drills to help if you just can’t get one:

Good luck!

Vault- How to do a Handstand Flatback

A handstand flat-back is the first skill you learn on vault besides just a jump up off of the board. To give you an idea of what it is here is an example:

Image result for handstand flat back gif

Here is how to do it:

What skills you need:

A handstand


What you will need to prepare in advance:

Make sure you are at a gym and have the right equipment. All you need is:

A trampoline or board

The vault and an 8 inch mat.

Step 1: Always be sure you are in a safe environment and have someone spot you when you first try this.  To begin, find your place on the runway.  Make sure it is a comfortable spot and a place where you don’t slow down when you are running. For beginners have a trampoline as your board rather than the actual one. This will make it easier for you to go over.

Step 2: Try jumping up on the vault table and then doing a handstand and falling flat to your back. When you are falling block off of the table. A block is where you push through your shoulders to fly off of the vault table. To help with this do handstand hops as shown below:

Step 3: After you have the jump on, handstand, fall to your back down flat the next step is to actually try it. Make sure you have a spot though and always be cautious. Here is the steps and tips:

First Run down the runway as fast as you can, having a good stride all the way.

Next jump onto the trampoline or board (if you are more advanced) and heel drive which is where you kick your feet fast over your head in order to reach your handstand. Make sure you don’t drop your chest and reach as far as you can on the vault table. If you keep bringing your chest down put a thin, soft mat up in between the board and vault and try to go over that, you can also try to keep your eyes on one spot as you are running and try to keep it there as long as possible and also think about keeping your shoulders open.

After you reach handstand let your feet get a little over your head and block off and land flat on your back. Then slide off the mat and stick, finish.

Keep practicing this and have someone video tape you so you know what you are doing wrong and if you have any questions feel free to ask me!


My New Level…

… has been going GREAT!

I have learned so much already and it is so much more challenging and fun.

Here are some of the skills I have attained:

Back Handspring

Front Tuck

Front Handspring

KipImage result for front tuck


Cast to Handstand

Front Tuck off Beam

Front Handspring on Vault


And I hope to learn more!

I moved up a level!

Yesterday, On April 24 my coach asked me if I would like to go up to the 6-8:30 class.

My answer “Yes”

I am so excited and I can’t wait to learn more.

I also learned my back-walkover in one day which is awesome.

Here is a tutorial on how to do it.Image result for back walkover

What you will need:

First, if you have a block grab it, it will be useful.

How to do it:

Step 1: Lift up your leg onto the block, it should be your dominant leg. If you don’t have a block try to lift up your leg.  Put your hands by your ears, and stand up straight with your chin up.

Step 2: Lean backwards, keeping your hands by your ears, making sure that you push through your shoulders. Also, do not go down too slowly, or you won’t make it over.

Step 3: Throughout the kick try to keep your legs as straight as possible. Then Finish. This might take some time and if you are scared have someone spot you first.

Step 4: Once you get a hang of this and feel comfortable, try it without the block and remember start with one leg off of the ground.


Skill Saturday (Elbow Stand)

How do you do an elbow stand?

Well now you will know

  1.  Put your elbows on the ground near a wall. You can clasp your hands together or just have them lay flat.
  2.  Kick up to the wall and lean against it. Look at your hands the whole time.
  3. Try to come off the wall but don’t come back to the ground. Hold it there.
  4. Try that a couple of times until you have the hang of it.
  5. Then using a mat, Try it on your own. Make sure you kick up slowly.
  6. Think of an elbow stand as a handstand, just on your elbows. Align yourself with your shoulders and hold it there.
  7. Practice, because you most likely won’t get it the first time.

Image result for elbow stand progression

What Gymnastics Practice is Really like…

In the beginning of gymnastics practice we do something to warm ourselves up. Running mostly.

Then we stretch and do conditioning which is very slow. Then we do all of the events. It always switches in the order though and usually we do vault and floor at the same time and rotate through all of the stations.  Bars and beam usually come last.

Then class is over.

So, if you are teaching yourself gymnastics at home just go through this process. Here are some skills you can do:



Front Limber

Elbow stand

Forward Roll

Backwards Rollhow-do-forearm-stand-yoga

Pivot turns


Jumps (tuck, split, and straight)

Splits (sides and middle)



Try these and keep improving them. You can always do better.

Handstand Progression for Beginners

So, you want to learn handstands?

Handstands are a very difficult skill but fun to learn. Here is a beginners progression to learn them:

Step 1:  Handstand against the wall

Put your hands close to the wall. Start on the ground.

Kick up with your non dominant leg. You might not get up there the first time so keep trying. Make sure your arms are straight, your toes are pointed, your stomach, legs, and butt are squeezed and your hands grip the ground. I know this is a lot to think about but it will help you find your balance.

Step 2: Standing Handstand against the wall

For this step, you want to stand up in front of the wall. Have your dominant foot infront. Then kick up while your going down. At the very end bring your legs together and keep your body tight.

It should look like this:


Keep trying and don’t give up.

Step 3: Handstand off the wall

Don’t worry it is not too scary.

This time go up on to the wall like the previous step then give yourself a little nudge to come off of the wall. Try to hold it there. The longer you hold it the better it is. Try to keep your legs together as much as you can. But you do what you can do to stay balanced.

Things to Remember:

Squeeze your whole body.

Shift your weight on your hands. Like this:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Have Fun!