Happy Valentine’s Day Poem

When cupid comes by

He says “Hi”

To strike you with love

As soft as a dove

Love letters pass

As you live on your life

This special day

That passes by

Every Year

To brighten your day

Flowers galore

Choclate and sweets

Fun times


And hearts

Beating as one

Just like a drum

That flips

And dips

But stays true

To one’s Love

My Fight, My Heart

What I love,

What I fight for,

Even if I am not feeling it down deep

I try

To fly

You ask ” Why do you fall?”

I answer “So I can learn to get back up again.”

If your muscles ache

You don’t quit

You have some grit

Being a gymnast

Has it s doubts

Lots of pains

All of the hours spent in the gym,

To win the gold

To show your skill

Complete your dream

For the love of the sport

Trust me, It is worth fighting for.


12 days Of Gymnastics(poem)

Here is my christmas gymnastics poem. Made for the Holidays.


When I throw back my head

Seeing the christmas tree

Everythings in sight

Everythings there

As I leap into the air

The presents are glowing

The snow is fading

Everything collides

As I do a flip up into the sky

It is cold

But I am bold

So I hold my head high