I got this

I just recently finished this book called I got this (to gold and beyond) by Laurie Hernandez, a gold winning olympic gymnast and dancing with the stars champion.
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The book is all about Laurie’s life and how she won gold and dancing with the stars along with many other life stories. It is really motivational and she encourages people to keep going forward. She always talks about great things and how they impacted her. This is what she said: “I hope my story inspires other people to do something they never thought was possible.” Afterall she came back from injuries and defeats and pushed through to do something great.

This book is fantastic and I recommend that you read it.


Finding my Shine

71jgtpegtmlI just read a fantastic book!  I recommend you read it. It was so inspirational. It was called Finding my Shine by Nastia Liukin. The story tells how Nastia Liukin, an all around Gymnastics Olympic Gold Medalist overcomes all odds and never gives up to chase her dreams. Her road to success was not an easy one but she shares her personal journey of success, her challenges, including her career ending fall in the 2012 Olympic Tryouts which she now says is the defining moment of her life and motivational tips. Throughout this book you will learn how to reach any goal, overcome obstacles, and when you fall learn how to pick yourself back up again.