Floor- How to do a Roundoff

A Round off is a very important skill in gymnastics. You need it to do many other skills like back handsprings. Round offs are hard to learn but if you stay consistent and never give up you will get it.

Step 1: Start with a run and hurdle with a straight leg. Practice this consistently until your hurdle is powerful.

Step 2: After the hurdle you will put your hands down just like in a cartwheel and have your back leg come up behind you and your other leg will follow. After that snap down your legs quickly and if you’ve done it right your body will naturally rebound.

Step 3: During your rebound, bounce through your toes and keep your body tight. Then keep practicing. You won’t get it on your first try.

how to do a roundoff

Here are some drills to help if you just can’t get one:

Good luck!


I went to Red Mountain Open Space in Wyoming to go on a hike. It was super fun but it was really hot. The trail was fun with creek crossings, bridges, and stairs. I recommend it to anyone for it was a fairly easy trail and you can take a couple paths depending on how far you want to go. We hiked about four miles and it was so pretty. Here are some pictures.








Handstands in the Sand!

This weekend, I went camping.

It was really fun and I had a blast.

One of my favorite parts were doing handstands/ cartwheels in the sand. It was kind of difficult because you sink into the sand and it is hard to balance but it was challenging which is good.

I also loved doing splits in the sand because you just slide right down. So, if you are ever in the sand try this. It is fun!