Gymnastics Class

I have started gymnastics again. I know so exciting. I love it so much, but on bars, I keep ripping. Over the past week I have had 5 rips. They sting but don’t hurt too bad. I go there on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we warm up, then do conditioning. Here is the conditioning:

Ten reps. One rep for both.

Hollow hold. Hold for 10 seconds.

Roll over without putting your hands to the ground.

Superman. Hold for 10 seconds.

This would count as one rep.

Then, 20 v-ups. Go up and when you come down go into hollow hold. DO NOT LIE BACK DOWN FLAT. This will do nothing for you.

25 pushups. Make sure your ribs are in and you are squeezing in your stomach.

To know if you are doing this right, you should feel it in your abs.

Thank you, and have fun.