Hello all,

I have started to do stretches every night right before bed. It helps me go to sleep faster because I feel more relaxed.  It also helps in the morning because I don’t feel as cramped in my muscles.  I think it would be helpful for you to try it.

So here they are.  Make sure on all of these you are really concentrating on your breathing and let your muscles relax so you can go into a deeper stretch.

  1. Lotus Position: This is nice and relaxing to start your stretches off. Hold this postition for 5 breaths. 13-lotus-pose
  2. Cow pose: Hold this positon for 5 breaths.nicki-eddie-cat-cow
  3. Downward facing dog: Try to touch your heels to the ground on this one, but don’t overstretch. Hold this pose for 5 breaths.downward_dog
  4. Extended puppy pose: Try to reach as far as you can on this pose and feel the stretch in your shoulders. Hold this for 5 breaths.b38b5bfd4939b96b3150dea4ff76e721-yoga-poses-puppys
  5. Half-Lord of the Fishes pose: Hold this for 5 breaths each leg.ardha-matsyendrasana
  6. Happy Baby Pose: Hold this for 3 breaths.46-happy-baby-pose-2
  7. Seated Pike Bend: Hold this for 10 breaths.shutterstock_511605877_large
  8. Corpse: Hold this for 10 breathscorpse-yoga-pose

And…….  Good Night.

Thank You!

Pushing yourself

I have pushed myself to do 50 crunches a day so I can do more skills in gymnastics.

Lately, I have been slacking which I should punish myself for but I haven’t.

One time I did. I had to do 150 in one day so I could make up for 3 days list.  Sometimes I am busy so I don’t do it because of time so I do 60 the next day. Oh it is hard.

Pushing yourself to reach your goals gives you a head start on everybody else around you. You pass them and get ahead so you can be the best. A sport like gymnastics is fun but I believe if you are not in it to win it you will never succeed and you should not be taking a gymnastics class. Even if you love it. So push hard.