Workout Wednesday 


This is my first day for the new adjustment and I am so excited. Here is your workout.

20 V ups

20 pushups

50 squats

35 jump lunges each leg                                                 static-squat-420_0

5 min wall sit

20 crunches

Have fun and I hope it tires you out.









I hate Rips. When you get rips it bleeds and feels uncomfortable by just being there. It is also hard to do skills after the rip from fear of ripping again or from fear of not doing the skill properly.

Here are some easy ways to get rid of rips.

1: Keep your hands clean and moisturized. Use lotion before and after your workout and put lotion on before going to bed.

2: Use grips. Grips provide an extra layer of protection between the bar and your hand. It helps to use a wooden bar because it is an easier hold and more comftorable for your skin.

3:  Use a pumice stone. If you notice your calluses start building up gently rub a pumice stone against them and the skin will come off. If they are too thick go swimming and use a pumice stone quickly after you get out of the water. Or you can take a long shower or get into a bath.

I hope this helps and I hope you won’t get rips as often but if you are in gymnastics, cross fit, or at the gym rips are gonna happen and you just gotta deal with them.