Gymnastics Competition hair Styles

I wouldn’t ever want to mess up a Gymnastics Competition because my hair got in my way. Here are some easy hairstyles to prevent that from happening.

1:  A french braid into a ponytail.gymnast

2: Loose

3: Braid to bun.


I love all of these hairstyles and hope to use them in my competitions and I hope you do to. I have tried all of them and they are tight and definitely stay in place. Good luck!

Gymnastics Jitters

I recently read this book called Gymnastics Jitters.  It is a great children’s book. You should definitely read it. It is about this gymnast named Dana and her team the Raiders who have to learn how to deal with their biggest rivals, the Superiors. The Superiors don’t play fairly so the Raiders learn a valuable lesson in Sportsmanship.  Jake Maddox, the author writes very well in telling the story of Sportsmanship and I would definitely recommend it.gymnastics jitters


If you are going to get fit for gymnastics a big thing is managing your diet and your food.
You aren’t gonna get a six pack if you don’t eat right.


For quick food I would say eat lots of carrots, apples, onions, peppers, mushrooms, nuts, and fruit. A salad would be good to include all of these items.

For protein eat any type of meat and a protein bar. I usually eat jerky and a luna bar. Try to lower your carbs and cut out all candy, chocolate and soda.

Also cut out in between snacks and just eat meals. You can have a snack between lunch and dinner but try not to have any more than that.

Breakfast: For breakfast I either have eggs and bacon or an egg sandwich. Sometimes oatmeal, pancakes, and a bagel with cream cheese.

Lunch: For lunch I have steak, chicken, shrimp, hamburger or meatloaf with a salad or potato salad.

Dinner: For dinner sometimes I cook soup or I have meatloaf, steak, chicken, pork, hot wings and leftovers. As a side I usually have asparagus, salad, or beans.

Appetizers: For appetizers I usually make guacamole or shrimp on kabob sticks. Sometimes I have pickles but I don’t have appetizers too often.

Hope you have a healthy day!



My Bar

I have a bar in my front room that I flip on for fun and practice. I started teaching my family a couple days ago, easy stuff like how to do a chin up pullover and just fun flips that I made up. I will have to teach you about some fun flips in another post but my family loved it and thinks that it is fun. Bringing people into gymnastics fills your heart with joy. I am thinking about teaching my friend gymnastics and helping her with skills this summer.  So invite a friend and have fun learning and teaching new skills. Gymnastics isnt all hard core like most people think it is.

It’s Summer!!

I can’t believe summer is already here. I love summer so much because I can have fun practicing gymnastics outside instead of inside.

There are also many more activities to do in the summer. I am starting Karate which should be fun and I am still doing gymnastics on Wednesdays once a week. I might take gymnastics off for June and July so I can have my summer full of vacations and when I return I will do the level three class twice a week for 2 hours.

I don’t know if I told you but my coaches moved me up. Yay!

I hope your Summer or Season is fun and I am sorry I have not written in eleven days. I have been busy.

Please comment if you are gonna do anything fun and adventurous for your Summer or Season. I would love to know.


Home gymnastics

Ever thought about doing gymnastics at home? Teach yourself?

Here is stuff to do at home to teach yourself gymnastics.

Practice is the key.  If you don’t practice you won’t reach your goal.  I tried a splits every day until I got it.  I watched online videos and I would sometimes practice for an hour or two.  You have to put in time and practice.


You can use anything as floor.  Try your carpet.  Anything that is soft if you are a beginner.  A gymnastics mat is great though.

Always stretch before you do anything so you don’t get hurt and then find something that you want to accomplish in that day.  Sometimes you can do it and sometimes it will take a couple days or weeks but never give up.

For vault and beam I would recommend going to open gym and practicing online skills that you find.  Bring a friend and spot each other and be careful.  It is only 5 dollars to go to open gym per person.


Either buy bars and put it in your home or go to the open gym.  Be safe and don’t try anything too crazy and remember to stretch.

Here are some skills for you to try:



Forward roll

Handstand forward roll


Backbend kickover



Chin up pullover

Back hip circle

Mill circle


Handstand fall into pit ( If you have a vault with a pit)

Handstand flatback

Straight jump onto mat


Pivot turns

Getting onto the beam


Good luck!

Handstand Walks-Floor

Handstand Walks are a big step for moving up and are hard to get.  They give you a lot of trouble and keep you on your toes.

Here is how to get your handstand walk.

Step 1: Make sure you have a good handstand and when you first try it have somebody there watching.

Step 2:  Do a handstand against the wall and have somebody hold your feet, pulling up. Lift up your hands and do shoulder taps.  About 10 on each arm is good to get you into the feeling of doing a walk.

Step 3:  Try it.  You can’t progress without trying.  Make sure you have your feet leaning a little bit over your head and you may bend your legs to get you going.

Step 4:  Try taking a couple steps into it.  Take two steps. Put your hands down and kick up.  Momentum helps and is a big key in doing a handstand walk.

Step 5: Have someone spot you so you can get the hang of it.

Step 6:  Try it on your own.

Hope you get it soon and please comment if this tutorial helped you.

Weirdest workout ever

I have a cat and me and him play this fun game that definitely tires you out.

Wait for it… It is called Chase.

Weird am I right?

This is how we play it:

First he has to get into this mode of craziness. His tail poofs up and he runs around crazy. I snap my fingers and he looks at me. I start to run and he chases me around. All over the house. One time we went outside and I was running down the hill and decided to do a cartwheel and then I fell and he jumped right over me.  It was so cool. I wish I could of caught it on videotape.

Another time I was turning around the corner into my hallway and I jumped in a laundry basket. He turned the corner a second after me and jumped right in the laundry basket with me. We stared at each other for a second and then he hopped out and then I hopped out and we began the game again.

It is really fun and definitely is your cardio for the day. If you have a cat you should try it and see if they love the game as much as my cat does.

Have fun!🐈








Morning Routine

Every day I wake up and do an easy morning workout and it has become my every day life. It is hard work but it pays off.

I wake up take a shower and do this workout.  It helps me to wake up in the morning when all I want to do is sleep and helps me improve on my skills. It isn’t hard and I want to share it with you so you can improve.

20 sit ups

15 pushups

10 cross fit pushups.  Where you have your hands by your sides.

5 handstands

5 cartwheels

5 backbends

Hope this helps!!*

Good luck.

How to do a cartwheel-Floor

Ever seen a person do a cartwheel?

Been jealous of them for weeks?

Now you won’t.  Here is how to do a cartwheel.

Step 1: Start in a lunge position hands by your ears.

Step 2: Bend your front knee and put your hands on the ground to the side not forward.

Step 3: Kick up once your hands are placed as hard as you can and try to keep your legs straight.

Step 4: Finish in a lunge position hands by your ears facing the opposite way you first started.

Practice and practice and it will become better and better.

Good luck!