Tips for running

Running helps your legs with skills in gymnastics.  Here are a couple tips that will improve your running score and your skills.

Tip 1:  Pick up your feet!  Lots of people drag their feet along while they are running which slows them down and puts more pressure on their knees.  You will feel a lot better after the race and your time will improve if you pick up your feet.

Tip 2: Always stretch.  Stretching helps you warm up your legs so you feel more comfortable running the race and it helps you at the beginning of the race mostly, until you get warmed up.   When you are not warmed up at the beginning of the race your legs aren’t as strong and don’t want to move (especially in the morning) and your time will be a little bit longer. Also, if you are not warmed up, or stretched you could injure yourself  during or after the race.  So always stretch before and after the race.

Tip 3:  Keep your arms moving.  The faster you move or swing your arms the faster you are going to go so keep those arms at a steady pace and really move them at the end.

Tip 4: It is all in the head!  Everything is mental. Think about winning the race and moving your legs and keep going and you will.  Do all the steps in your head and you are in for the win.

Good luck!

Floor- how to do a handstand

Do you want to learn how to do a handstand?
Here is how to do it.
STEP 1: Start head high, hands by your ears.  You should not be able to see your ears if you look in a mirror.
STEP 2: Put your hands on the floor and kick up. Not too hard or too little.  If you feel yourself tipping forward try to rock your hands so all of the weight is on your palms or the safest way is to just fall.  If you try to stop yourself you could injure yourself more.  It helps if you are flexible.  Always stretch beforehand
STEP 3: Try it against the wall or have someone spot you.  To do a handstand against the wall put your hands close to the wall and kick up.  If you are a little scared put your hands on the ground first and then kick up.  To have someone spot you, kick up and have the spotter grab your legs.  Make sure they are together.  If you feel like you are going to fall have the spotter push your legs down.
STEP 4:  Try it on your own.  Practice makes perfect!
STEP 5: Finish with your arms by your ears in a lunge position.

Good luck!

Please comment down below if this helped you.

First day of gymnastics

You know the feeling when you first walk into a gym.  You feel excited.  That was how I felt.  I wasn’t even nervous which was weird!    As I walked in.  I breathed in.  The gym has this distinct smell and I thought it was amazing.  So every Wednesday I walk in there and breathe in the smell.  Now it’s fading because I recognize it more but sometimes I can still smell it.
First we stretched and that was easy.  They were like “do you know how to do the splits”. I said yes and I almost went all the way down!
The first event we went to was beam.  I had never been on an actual beam in my whole entire life and it felt wonderful.  We started doing stuff like high kicks and scales bunny hops, long jumps and then we did handstands with a spot.  It felt amazing and really easy.  I never fell off which was really surprising.  Beam I think is natural to me.
Next we did floor and we did stuff like backwards rolls, handstands, handstand fall over on a mat.  That was kind of scary.
The third event we did was vault and that was really fun.  I had trouble on my handstand flat back but that was about it.  I loved it.
The last event we went to was bars and that was probably the hardest event for me.  It was fun though.  We then went to the trampoline and jumped on it and that was my first day of gymnastics.
Comment down below what your favorite part of your first day of gymnastics was and if you have not had your first day of gymnastics I hope this gives you a feeling of how it is going to be.


All of the skills I listed will be posted for a tutorial.  Hope it will help!

Gymnastics class


Sorry, I did not write yesterday.  I was really busy.

Good news!

I went to my gymnastics class yesterday and got my full turn on beam, my handstand forward roll on floor, and my back hip circle on bars.

I am pretty sure they moved me up even though they didn’t clarify it.  I really, really, really want to move up because then I can compete.

Give me good luck!


Ever hate conditioning?

I certainly do.

Here are some fun gymnastics challenges to do at home or around the gym so you won’t dread conditioning just as much.

Love Obstacle courses?  Go to your gym or make a fun gymnastics obstacle at home and have your family and friends to the challenge and see who can get the best time.  Fun and hard.

If you have a gymnastics mat fold it up so it is at it’s tallest point have somebody stand on it and have somebody push them along.  The faster the better! And then trade off.
If it is too hard to push have the person that is standing on the mat jump up while you push it forward and you can call out a jump like tuck, straddle, or split and they will have to do it.(Just don’t push too far you don’t want them landing off the mat)  Be a multitask-er while getting gymnastics skills and conditioning done.

Another fun way to do conditioning is with a friend.  Make up a workout, time it and see who can do the workout the fastest or just do it together.
Run out of ideas?
Here is a medium workout that will burn but won’t leave you to sore!
45 squats
50 crunches
20 pushups
5 handstands against the wall- hold for 10 seconds.

Hope it helps!

Handstand forward roll

I hate mental blocks!

It is very hard to get over them and no matter how hard you try your fear or not believing makes you stop and you just can’t do anything to get rid of it.

I have a mental block on a handstand forward roll.  I go up into the handstand and just hold it.  I think about falling but it never happens and I just come back down again.  I try over and over but I think I am just scared that my back will hit the floor and I will lose my breath.  Even if I try saying over and over I can do this, I have to do this.  I just don’t and can’t.
Do you have any suggestions on getting over this mental block?
If you do please comment down below.



Hey all!


I ran a 5K this morning and it totally shot my legs.  It is painful to walk so I am just going to lounge for the next couple of days.  My time was 33 minutes and I beat my score from my last 5K by 7 minutes. Yay!
If you are a runner comment down below and tell me what races you have ran.  I would love to know.
It is fun and competitive and you may win a prize and it helps you a lot on Vault and Floor mainly, because it strengthens your whole legs.  If you feel well enough after your run or race here is a little workout that will strengthen your legs even more.

50 squats
30 Jump lunges
1 min wall sit

I am sure this is enough. Your legs will burn if you are brave enough to try it.

Simone Biles


My favorite gymnast is Simone Biles.  She inspires me a lot in everything I do but mainly gymnastics. Watch the video and hopefully she will inspire you too.

Here is her on bars in Rio:

Her gymnastics skills are so difficult.

Here she is on floor:


Now here she is on Beam:

Lastly, here she is on vault:

Thanks for watching!

Also comment down below who your favorite gymnast is!

My life!


I love gymnastics.  Gymnastics is my life.  I watch it and do it and I do not think that I could ever give it up.  Have you ever seen those videos of those famous gymnasts?  Those gymnasts inspire me to do my best and try as hard as I can.   I just started gymnastics a few months ago and I am only in level two and I am the oldest one in my class.  The first day of gymnastics was the best day of my life so I go to a class every Wednesday (I wish it could be more) and practice to the best that I can do.  I would have to say that I love all of the events, floor, beam, bars, and vault to my core.  Sometimes you get those people that hate one event and like the rest but that is not who I am.  To do gymnastics, I think you have to love it to your heart and treasure it like a diamond.  As soon as you walk into a gym your heart tells you No going back and you stay forever flipping, balancing, and flying to infinity.
I hope my blog leads you to your fullest heart and core and you find out who you really are with tricks, tips and fun.  Welcome!